About me

I am a consulting member of technical staff within the Machine Learning Research Group at Oracle Labs . We work closely with several different product groups across Oracle on real world applications of Machine Learning. These application domains include Sales, Marketing, HR, Retail, Finance, Healthcare, and Social Media Analytics. My research interests lie at the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am interested in information extraction, semi-supervised and transfer learning, fairness and privacy in machine learning, and active information acquisition.

I completed my PhD under prof. Andrew McCallum at the School of Computer Science at UMass, Amherst . I received my M.S. in Computer Science from New York University , and a Bachelor of Engineering from University of Mumbai in India.

Along the way, I have interned at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (including the Watson Jeopardy! challenge); worked on Bing at Microsoft Research ; played with algorithmic trading at Deutche Bank; analyzed babies’ growth in a psychology lab; tutored students for GRE; and worked in the family business, Neogen Chemicals Ltd. , planning IT infrastructure and developing HR policies!

I’m interested in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Extraction, and Natural Language Processing. I have worked with many different Machine Learning methods, such as Graphical Models, Conditional Random Fields, Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Clustering and Graph-based Methods, and applied them to Entity Resolution, Web Mining and Natural Language Processing problems. My current research is in the area of Resource-bounded Information Acquisition and Learning. The basic idea is to efficiently acquire specific information from a large, external corpus, such as the Web under limited resources.